Daily Walks
When part of our daily schedule, we'll usually stop by within the same five or ten minute window; many dogs, knowing their schedule and anticipating our visit, will "drop what they're doing" and move to the door or window at a specific time each day. We walk a single household's-worth of dogs at a time, never piggybacking on other clients' walks, and work with your dog to establish good on-leash manners, as well as to reinforce the training you're working on. Two standard walks are available:

Ten-Minute Quick Out (great for puppies, aging dogs and small breeds, who might need to go out several times a day): $10, plus $2 for each additional dog

Thirty-Minute Walk: $15, plus $3 for each additional dog

Off-time or infrequent/irregular walks: add $3

Cat Visits
Cat visits include feeding, freshening water, clearing litterboxes, cuddle time, bringing in mail and generally checking on the well-being of your home while you're away: $15

Woof! VP of Client Relations, Max (left) with client Wallace. Separated at birth?
Boarding & Daycare
Overnight boarding and daycare are available to a small number of select dogs, the number decided by disposition and mix of personalities. Guest dogs have the run of my typical two-bedroom northside Chicago apartment. We avoid crates unless necessary, or unless the dog would normally stay in a crate at home. In the rare instances when dogs need to be separated to maintain the peace, spaces can be divided by portable baby gates. I supply toys, dog beds (and human furniture, as evidenced by many of the photos on this site); you bring only food, medications if needed and smiling pup.

The daily rate for Boarding and Daycare is $35 for one dog, plus $15 for each additional dog. Pick up and drop off services are available by request.

This place really has gone to the dogs. Typical scene at Woof! world HQ.
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