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A great boat and a great boat dog... These are a few of my favorite things.
As this is written, the "us" in Woof! Walks & Boarding is me and my dog, Max (not pictured here, but front-and-center on the home page and throughout the gallery), who serves as VP of Client Relations and right-hand furrball.

Max's story is simple: I adopted him from Chicago's Anti-Cruelty Society on the day after Thanksgiving, 2011-- creating "Black Dog Friday"-- a few days after losing, um, custody of my previous pup. He was nine months old at the time, a big-eared mystery mutt who was destined for a life as a walker's companion, as I'd already been doing this for a few years. He's a hard worker, loves his job and makes sure that I love mine. We're both pretty lucky.

My story is as convoluted as might be expected of a forty-something-year-old dog-walker. When asked what I wanted to do when I grow up, I don't recall answering "pick up poop." Instead, I pursued my first love of sailing, spending 23 years in the sailboat business as a respected boat broker. Long story short, poor world economies have not been kind to the already-fragile boat business, which continues to shrink every day. For many "lifers" like me, the effects have been catastrophic. As the sailing industry faltered, I moved gradually from walking and caring for dogs part-time, making ends meet, to doing it full-time.

Seven years in, it nurtures my love of dogs as much as my previous life exercised my deep knowledge of boats, and I'd like to think my doggie clients receive the same professionalism and genuine care. I've always had a natural way with dogs, a bond that elicits those "dog whisperer" comments that, really, any natural dog-lover knows. They've featured highly in most of my life; we were a dog family, our first one entering the scene way back in the grade school years. I can't foresee a day without a canine companion.

"We" (me, Max and whomever else might join the Woof! team) appreciate that choosing a pet care pro is a big deal, an ongoing relationship for the life of your dog... your dog's best friend, day-in, day-out. Our goal is straightforward: to provide our furry clients with the highest degree of dedicated, reliable, responsible care available, and amazing value. In the end, we're small enough to care a lot, and happy to stay that way, peferring to offer top service to a few, rather than marginal service to many.

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